Sprout Innovation Network

Danish Architecture Centre has been running the popular Sprout Innovation Network for students and young professionals since 2013 with over 1400 members. Sprout Innovation Network is a platform for dialogue, sharing and inspiration across fields. One of the focus points is to contribute to the shaping of future society through initiatives spanning architecture, building and urban development. This network offers meets and talks on different themes and a vivid online community. By inspiring future professionals to develop an interdisciplinary perspective, Sprout Innovation Network seeks to contribute to developing sustainable and capable solutions for complex challenges such as climate change and urbanisation.

DAC orchestrated the first Sprout Talent Week in August 2015 together with a number of research institutions and innovative companies. Sprout Talent Week is the yearly happening connecting the public and private industry, universities and organisations with students and young professionals. One intense week to solve crucial problems in the building and urban planning area – this year with UN Development Goals as criteria for choosing cases. Read more about Sprout Talent Week here.


Behind Sprout Talent Week is Danish Architecture Centre. The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is Denmark’s national centre for the development and dissemination of knowledge about architecture, building and urban development. At DAC we believe that an interdisciplinary approach is the key to developing sustainable and innovative solutions for the challenges of tomorrow. With Sprout we offer students and young professionals within the fields of architecture, construction and urban development an innovative, international platform for developing strong competencies and improving cross-field collaboration.

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