Sprout for the future

Sprout Talent Week gave me the opportunity to gain real experience in regards to developing a city,” Jonathan Jakobsson, master student of sociology at Copenhagen University.

Jonathan Jakobsson was one of the participants at Sprout Talent Week – the annual innovation week created by Danish Architecture Centre’s (DAC). This year was the third in a row with Sprout Talent Week. Jonathan Jakobsson along with other young professionals and students from engineers to architects, worked together to create sustainable solutions to real-life cases from all around Denmark.

This year the overall theme for the cases was the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The SGD’s seek to create better and more liveable cities around the world. With high ambitions, the bright young minds of Sprout Talent Week presented their results at the Final Event Friday November 3rd 2017 at DAC.

The Final Event

The room was buzzing with excitement and thunderous applause, as the sprout participants released five days of creativity and innovative solutions for immediate issues. Each presentation was followed by qualified feedback from the three judges:

  • Mette Kynne Frandsen, architect MAA, CEO & Partner at Henning Larsen,
  • Carla Camilla Hjort, founder & Director at Space10 and CEO at Rebel United,
  • Kent Martinussen, CEO at Danish Architecture Centre

“With Sprout Talent Week we encourage young talents to work interdisciplinary and seek new solutions. What these young people can achieve in just one week is thought-provoking

The strength and inspiration across the different fields of work and education among the young talents were also noted at MT Højgaard that joined as the innovation partner.

It was amazing to see the young people combine their different skills and backgrounds. Furthermore, I was amazed to see their excitement for new technology and how they used it to bring exciting solutions to the table” highlighted Andreas Kragh, Head of Department, VDC-LAB & Support at MT Højgaard.

Valuable knowledge

Jonathan Jakobsson is certain that Sprout Talent Week has given him new knowledge, which he can apply directly to his study at Copenhagen University:

Part of my study is sustainability in the new city Vinge in Frederikssund municipality. By participating in Sprout Talent Week I learned that I’m very strong analytically. I’m sure, I can use that knowledge in my study and my future work life.”

Sprout Talent Week is not only fruitful for the participants. The case owners and partners also found the innovation week very valuable:
New technology plays an important part in the building industry as it enables you to make faster and smarter building solutions. These young students got a chance to try to work the way we do it at MT Højgaard, and who knows, one day some of them may be working at our company says Andreas Kragh.

With sight set on the future

Sprout Talent Week is a part of the Sprout community for students and young professionals. The Sprout community seeks dialogue, sharing, and inspiration across different fields of work and education. The goal is to contribute to the shaping of the future society with architecture, building, and urban development.

In the next months, DAC will be undergoing a transition and the Sprout community will continue to develop. DAC is moving to BLOX – the new platform for architecture, design, and urban planning placed on the harbor front in Copenhagen next to the Royal Library. This means that DAC is going to gear up for the Sprout community and activities. The ambition is to create a lively community for the next generation in BLOX.

Stay tuned for upcoming activities in the Sprout community and read more about the three cases from this year’s Talent Week at: www.sprout.talentweek.dk/previousyears