Area development and unifying city life

Case owner: Business Group Kolding



Area transformation and supporting everyday life

Case owner: Brøndby IF



Designing healing architecture

Case owner: Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality and Bramstrup Estate

Sprout Talent Week 2017

October 29 to November 3


Focus: Area transformation and supporting everyday life

What will it take to make the area around Brøndby Stadium an attractive meeting place for the town’s population including both dedicated football fans as well as other citizens?


Focus: Area development and unifying city life

Kolding creek should be activated to become the city’s lifeblood and unite the city’s two parts. Acting as Kolding’s unifier, how can the river become a unique and coherent recreation area for all citizens?


Focus: Designing healing architecture and local presence 

How can landmarks and healing architecture capture local identity and support a sustainable future for human well-being?

Sprout Talent Week 2017


Sprout Talent Week is that one week, once a year, where young professionals and students from multiple disciplines work in close corporation in an innovation lab three different places in Denmark.

Sprout Talent Week is an innovation week from October 29 to November 3. During this intense week, 60 interdisciplinary participants from all over the world join forces to create sustainable solutions to three current cases.

Together the participants challenge, improve and invent new ways to create sustainable solutions to current cases from the industries of architecture, construction, urban development and other related areas

The case owners are municipalities, companies or organisations and the participants are students and young professionals within the field of architecture, construction and urban development. Around each case there is an advisory board consisting of innovation, research and resource partners.

This year MT Højgaard is Innovation partner. They support all of the three cases with the latest technology and equipment to solve the cases.

This year’s theme

The theme for this year’s Sprout Talent Week is sustainable development, based on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development agenda goals.

With the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals in mind, the sprouters’ interdisciplinary cooperation will inspire the development of future solutions in the industry of architecture, construction and urban development.

Sprout Talent Week represents an opportunity for the Danish Architecture Centre and our partners to be an active part of Denmark’s contribution to achieve the global sustainable development agenda. Through the three case challenges, and the developed solutions, Sprout Talent Week provides the potential to positively influence global urban development.

But one thing is agreeing on these big goals. Another is to actually acting on them. Every country in the world has to take responsibility and commit to sustainable production, consumption and act more sustainable. Denmark has the opportunity of becoming one of a pioneer country in the realisation of the 17 Development Goals. But it takes adaptability and the courage to rethink what the future should bring and how to get there.

It is the ambition of the Danish Architecture Centre to cut the first sod towards realizing UN Development Goals at Sprout Talent Week.

Read more about UN Development Goals here.

Follow KADK’s work with UN Development Goals here.

Final Event for Sprout Talent Week 2017

The innovative solutions to the three real life challenges were presented at the Final Event.

The jury for the Final Event was:

  • Mette Kynne Frandsen, CEO at Henning Larsen
  • Kent Martinussen, CEO at the Danish Architecure Centre
  • Carla Camilla Hjort, CEO at SPACE10

Kick Off Event for Sprout Talent Week 2017

How can a creek become a unique coherent recreational area, what will it take to make the area around a stadium an attractive meeting place, and how can landmarks and healing architecture capture local identity and support a sustainable future?

Come bring your ideas into play, meet our inspirational speakers and get a sneak peek of the three cases for Sprout Talent Week 2017. Join the Kick Off event 28 september from 3-6 pm.

You will meet:

  • Nicolai Richter-Friis, Achitect MMA and partner, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects
  • Esben Danielsen, CEO at Lokale & Anlægsfonden
  • Mette Mechlenborg, Researcher, Ph.D. at the National Danish Building Institute, Aalborg University, Copenhagen

Warm Up Event for Sprout Talent Week 2017

What does mushrooms, dementia, a creek and a football club have to do with Mogens Lykketoft and the UN’s development goals? That was what we talked about at the Warm Up event. Mogens Lykketoft and Emilie Juel Christensen were on stage to inspire us on how to work with the development goals in real life.

Participants at the Warm Up event gained insight and inspiration towards how to contribute to realizing the UN’s sustainable development goals by being a part of Sprout Talent Week 2017!

“Think of the SDG’s as a road map. We should not rest and wait. We should just get started!”

Emilie Juel Christensen, Head of CEO’s Office at PensionDenmark

“Calling for governments and thought leaders to live up to their part of the responsibility. That’s the ambition!”

Mogens Lykketoft, former Chairman of the UN General Assembly

Sprout Talent Week 2016

In 2016 we gathered 60 sharp-minded young sprouters from various disciplines to develop solutions to real-life cases in four different Danish cities.

The Four Cases


Focus: Climate adaptation and urban development

The team identified the scope of the challenge as how to develop a path that connects the new harbor sight to the old town without overtaking the history of the city. The solution was to create a path where the elements Culture, Community and Adventure were present. Thus the team’s suggestion was to conserve the road, remove the parking spots and make a new forest look-a-like park.


Focus: development and transformation

The team identified the scope of the challenge as how to combine the digital and the physical in order to create identity in Egedal. The solution was three fold:

A digital platform for inclusion of citizens; concrete initiatives for the municiplaity to execute in different neighborhoods and finally they questioned the name for the new city area.


Focus: transformation and quality of life

The team acknowledged the purpose of Made in Gellerup and developed further on a workspace for co-creation. The solution was “Momentum”; a new building with a bottom-up policy. Momentum is a space for locals to test, create and realize ideas. The vision for Momentum is to create international connections between businesses and the locals thus the ideas are likely to reach international growth.


Focus: transformation and liquefaction

The team identified the challenge as how to secure the population of Glostrup in the future, how to brand Glostrup as a living city and how to engage the inner community. Thus the solution was divided into three main concepts; activity city, green paths between the station and living areas, and an architectural reconstruction of the station.

“It has been a very rewarding experience. I have learned so much during the Sprout Talent Week, that I can use in my future studies.”

Yu-Chiehchao travelled 7.500 km from China to participate

“You become more aware of your own professional skills when working with people with other educational backgrounds.”

Participant in Haderslev

“Our lab-facilitator was awesome!
And the case was fun to work with.”

Participant in Gellerup

Partners for Sprout Talent Week 2016

Trafik og Byggestyrelsen

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